Why can’t I lose weight when I eat a healthy diet?
This has to be one of the most common questions I get asked. It is actually possible to still eat too many calories even with “healthy” food. Incorrect portion control is a common mistake when anyone tries to lose weight. Carbohydrates for example are essential to a balanced diet but they get a bad reputation because it is far too easy to eat too much and also tempting to eat the wrong type (sugar based) therefore many cut out carbs completely when they try to lose weight. 

What diet do you recommend?
I have never actually recommended a particular diet to any of my customers. Diets are seen as a temporary thing and once you’ve reach your goal it’s so easy to go back to old eating habits and more often than not regain more weight than you lost in the first place. I also think many commercial diets have made us forget how to actually eat properly. No food item/group needs to be eliminated other than for medical reasons. Diets that advise “eat as much as you like as long as it’s white” are also not helping towards portion control. Meals should not need to be replaced with a quick diet shake which drastically reduces the daily calorific intake and could potentially cause a reduction in metabolic rate.

My main recommendation for losing weight is to actually eat a sensible balanced diet with the right portion control for your body type, activity levels and general lifestyle. I am the first UK licensee for The Diet Doc Permanent Weight Loss Programme. This programme will help anyone up the right pathway for the rest of their life. It provides the knowledge helping to explain why previous diets have not been successful and will help empower anyone to know how to control their weight for the rest of their life. No two people are the same and no two people should be following the same diet. Continuous and intense support is offered with every programme. For more details please see The Diet Doc

As a female, will weight training give me big muscles?
If only it was that easy!! The vast majority associate weight training with bodybuilding and bodybuilders (male and female) reported in the media are quite often using performance enhancing products that will allow then to develop their muscularity beyond that which would be achievable naturally. Women have lower testosterone levels than men and as such find it harder to develop muscle to the same level. Most women want to be ‘toned’, this is only achievable by developing the natural muscle level and reducing excess body fat. Body fat cannot be toned!! A combination of both weight training and cardiovascular exercise is ideal.

I do hundreds of sit ups and still can’t get rid of my tummy. What am I doing wrong?
First of all, as said above, it is not possible to tone fat nor is it possible to spot reduce fat. Sit ups will burn calories but not burn the fat away from that area. Excess body fat needs a calorie deficit, ie you need to burn off more calories than you eat. A combination of diet and exercise will reduce your tummy fat more efficiently.

I find exercise is too hard, what can I do? Exercise does not have to be exhausting nor last for a long time.
Start at a pace where you can easily hold a conversation without getting out of breath. Start with a short duration such as 10 minutes and aim to increase it each time. Your body will adapt but be patient but more importantly persevere, do not give up too easily. If time is a factor then look at becoming more active during the day such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking at the far end of the car park rather than as close to the door as you can get.......every little bit helps.

I am a 40 year old male and find I often lack energy when I go to the gym, is there anything I can do?”
A lack of energy may be due to something as simple as the type or amount of carbohydrates you are eating. Adequate fluid intake is also important for energy levels so make sure you’re drinking at least 2 litres a day and sip more water frequently during your workouts to replace any fluids lost.

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