Dawn L Roberts - Personal Trainer Chorley

I’m a fully qualified Private Personal Trainer, based in Chorley, Lancashire.

If you are male or female, between 16 to 80 years of age then I offer a one on one training service whether it be for motivation, rehabilitation, sports specific, weight loss or weight gain. If you want to look good on the beach, be the belle of the ball or run that 10k without being out of breath then let me help you reach that goal. All training is carried out in a private studio.

Trust me, I do know what it’s like!

Unlike many Personal Trainers I am not a young fresh-faced individual who has never had a weight problem or doesn’t understand what it's really like to struggle with yoyo dieting for many years. Having been there, seen it, done and got numerous t-shirts for it, I can totally understand why many find it difficult to lose weight. However, because of this, I take no prisoners because if I can do it, so can you..............

I am over 40 years and at 33 was a size 18 and totally unfit. I'd spent many years trying all the different diets, some successful, others, a complete failure. However, I never changed my habits and soon began to pile the weight back on and more besides every time. I was slowly getting used to the idea that I would never be slim or fit but I was so unhappy thinking that way. I eventually reached rock bottom when I found myself reaching for a glass of wine one lunchtime. I needed to stop and sort myself out.

However, life started to take a turn for the better and I started a new job and with this a new determination that I was finally going to overcome my weight problem. I later a gained Post Graduate Certificate in Weight Management and qualified as a Personal Trainer so that I could help others who felt exactly the way I did. I can now offer a complete package for those who need to lose weight whether for personal or health reasons.

Why Choose Me?

As you have read above, I understand what it is like to have a weight problem and continue to do so to this day. I have come to realise it is a life long battle and no quick fix diet is going to work for a long term healthy weight goal. It is important that to maintain your weight loss you find a plan of eating that suits you and suits your lifestyle. The issue with many diets these days is they have made us forget how to eat well. They may not advise proper portion control or they suggest we miss out vital food groups and generally leave us feeling so miserable and deprived that we end up going back to our old eating habits. I now eat “The Diet Doc” way. It’s been a real eye opener for me even in my profession and I have introduced this into the UK for the first time. If you would like to know more please click here.

As for Personal Training. I do not train people to be cardio bunnies! Paying a PT who simply makes you go for a run or sticks you on a machine for most of your session is not giving you the best work out. I am a BIG believer in weight training and do my best to educate the ladies that they will not turn into a mass monster but merely enhance their wonderful feminine qualities. Of course we all also want to be fitter so my sessions tend to be a mix of everything designed to each individual.